experienced and COMMITTED.



About Transparency Health

Transparency Health is a premier investment group committed to the advancement of the healthcare technology field. Established in 2018, founders David Paschall, Rebekah Sharpe and John Riley intentionally selected this name to represent who they are -- experienced people working to make trust and open communication the foundation to a better healthcare system. The team recognizes there is a need for a transparent system that will not fail its community when the need arises.

With a combined 65 years of professional experience in healthcare technology and SaaS applications, the team’s strengths span all critical business areas: business development, operations, finance, product development and clinical applications. With the creation of Transparency Health, this expertise will be highlighted as they support healthcare companies that are gaining traction yet are challenged with the next level of growth and expansion.

In addition to creating strategic business models, the team has had ten healthcare companies, two recapitalizations, eight acquisitions and partnerships and three patents. For more information on how Transparency Health is servicing the healthcare technology industry, contact us here.